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 How to Max out your Coloseum Set Up

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Brennon Novacek

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PostSubject: How to Max out your Coloseum Set Up   Thu Mar 01, 2012 10:14 am

When asking "How to get more power from their team?" Here is how to do it.

1. ALWAYS place yourself in the Ranged position.

2. What to equip your team with (in the order best to worst):
■Ranged = Your best attack gear (even better bonus if the gear has a stamina boost)
■Healer = Your best defense gear (even better when the gear gives an energy boost)
■Melee = Your second best set of attack gear
■Tank = Your Second best set of defense gear

3. percents of colosseum team power bonuses:
■Ranged = 170% attack 50% defense 50% stamina bonus (i.e. Larax's Cuirass gives a 10 Stamina bonus, meaning it would be best for this slot)
■Healer = 200% defense 110% attack 30% energy bonus (i.e. Benedict's Cuirass gives a 20 Energy bonus, meaning that it would be best for this slot)
■Melee = 150% attack 20% defense (extra is gear gives an attack bonus)
■Tank = 210% defense 10% attack (extra if gear gives a defense bonus)

Minimum Calculations for %calculation by using stats (stats applicable to personal power only) and/or gear:

Range- 80% Atk 50% Def
Melee- 60% Atk 70% Def
Tank- 30% Atk 100% Def
Healer- 10% atk 120% Def

All of the above should total 130% each
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How to Max out your Coloseum Set Up
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